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College Girls Guide To: Being a Real Adult

So much has happened in the past year- huge, life-changing things. I graduated college, moved out of my parents’ house, and started working full time. One of the biggest challenges (and one I’ve heard from other people) is trying to feel like you’re a “real” adult, when all you want is to be back in… Continue reading College Girls Guide To: Being a Real Adult


My Skincare Routine with Clarisonic

Today I’m sharing a fun collaboration I recently did with Clarisonic! I am super strict and regimented when it comes to my skincare- I have always had pretty clear skin, and I try to keep it that way. While I love my usual routine, I was excited when Clarisonic asked me to test drive their new… Continue reading My Skincare Routine with Clarisonic

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DIY Fireplace Makeover

I have been meaning to do some kind of home tour/home decorating inspiration post for a long time. Decorating your first house/apartment/space is so much more difficult than it seems. Aside from trying to decorate, even move-in ready spaces always have something you want to fix. For me, I wanted to change up our fireplace.… Continue reading DIY Fireplace Makeover