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Guide to: What to Wear to a Summer Internship

Last week I started a ‘College Girl’s Guide To….‘ series on the blog, and I’m back this week with another installment. I’m still talking about internships, but this time, it’s what to wear to a summer internship.

Summer is the worst for office dressing. Winter is easy- nice dress, tights, boots or heels, voila. You’re done. But how do you stay professional when it’s 100 degrees outside and all you want to wear is a bikini (most likely not office appropriate)? 

The key to dressing for any internship, in any season, is to figure out how other people dress. Does your supervisor wear jeans or a full suit every day? Are heels or flip flops the norm? If you work in a more casual environment (thankfully both my summer internships were fairly casual), opt for sun dresses and flats or wedges.

If your office is more formal, layering is your friend. Lightweight skirts and dresses with easy-to-peel blazers or cardigans will be your friend. Linen and cotton are your friends. Wool is your enemy. Yes, the last thing you want to wear in the summer is a blouse and pencil skirt, but just be glad there is air conditioning. 

What to Wear to a Summer Internship: Formal Office


What to Wear to A Summer Internship


I prefer dresses over skirts and tops most of the time. It seems like less options, but half the time I find myself standing with only half an outfit in my hand, trying to desperately find a match. This is when I throw on a dress and a neutral pair of shoes and head out the door! I love bright colors in the summer, but tone it down for the office with a solid-colored cardigan or blazer.

What to Wear to A Summer Internship


What to Wear to A Summer Internship
The key to all of these outfits is layers; light, airy dresses or tops paried with structured, professional blazers that still give you room to breathe!

What to Wear to a Summer Internship: Casual Office


What to Wear to A Summer Internship
Like I said, summer is time for colors! I love nautical-themed outfits all year long, so in the summer I tend to wear a lot of red and navy/blue. 
What to Wear to A Summer Internship
If your office is more casual, try to find ‘regular’ clothes aka things you would normally wear to class or out with friends and dress them up a bit; wear nicer shoes, carry a nice bag, tone down your accessories. This also makes it easier on your wallet!

No matter where you are working, always dress nice. Even if you end up being the best-dressed person in your office, it makes a statement that you care about your appearance. I usually overdress the first few weeks days, and then try to adapt my style to whatever everyone else is wearing. Don’t be afraid to stand out, as long as it is for the right reason!

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