Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Even with Labor Day, this short week has dragged on. I am more than ready for Friday! Working full-time for the first time has made me even more appreciative of weekends, and even more resentful of Mondays.

I’m kicking off a weekend full of much-needed relaxation and lounging around the house with a new Friday Favorites. These are a few of my favorite things from around the Internet that I’m loving this week!

  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class. O.M.G. Y’ALL. I am obsessed with this podcast. I am self-proclaimed history buff and I geek out over it like no other. I stumbled upon this podcast about two weeks ago and I’ve already listened to probably over 50 episodes. These have made my commute to and from work a million times better, but if you have any other podcast recommendations please let me know!
  2. Overnight success is a myth. I know someone who personifies the first sentence of this article, and I totally identify with the rest of it. Everything now is about the next big thing, but your big break doesn’t always come so easy. 
  3. It’s fall!! While it won’t feel like fall in Texas for a while, I have already bought a few decorations and my Pinterest boards are quickly filling up with fall (and – gasp- Christmas!) themed recipes and ideas. 
  4. Still struggling to recover from the long weekend? 

Have a great weekend, and happy September! 

Friday Favorites- Hepburn and Handbags

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