Plum Perfect Makeup

Note: I received these products complimentary for review, however, all opinions are (as always) my own!

I am definitely not one of those girls who is obsessed with makeup. Yeah, I wear it every day, but I don’t wear a ton and I really know nothing about it other than the basics. So, I tested out a new app that is perfect for people like me who want to wear makeup but don’t want to spend a ton on stuff that they might not love!

Plum Perfect analyzes the coloring in your lips, skin, eyes, and hair to find the best makeup shades for you. If you are totally clueless (like me) about whether or not your undertones are warm or cool or you just can’t figure out what will look good, then this app can totally help.

Another key feature of the app, which I reviewed, is Girl Seeks Sample. Instead of sending you random samples, Girl Seeks Sample introduces new samples every week, and lets you pick and choose what you want to be sent. All the samples are $2, so you can basically test it out before you buy the real thing (or figure out if you even like it!).

I tested out Girl Seeks Sample with two Elizabeth Mott products- the It’s So Big Mascara and Show Me Your Cheeks Blush. Both of them are available right now in the Plum Perfect app!


I’m super picky about mascara, since my lashes are already pretty long but they don’t  curl very well (hmm sounds like my hair….). The Elizabeth Mott mascara works pretty well, it doesn’t give a ton of volume but it makes your lashes look naturally thick and dark, which is the look I prefer. I’ve worn it to work the past few days and I like that it feels natural and not too ‘made-up.’

I really liked the blush as well. It doesn’t have any kind of shimmer which makes it perfect for work. It also stayed on pretty well throughout the day! The color looks odd in the photo but it’s really a warm, earthy pink that goes with anything. 

I really like Plum Perfect- the idea of being able to test out different products every week is perfect for both people like me (who are totally unsure of what makeup to buy) and people who love to try new things but don’t want to drop all their money just to test something. The app is only available in iOS right now, but I totally recommend taking a look! 

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