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College Girls Guide To: Being a Real Adult

So much has happened in the past year- huge, life-changing things. I graduated college, moved out of my parents’ house, and started working full time. One of the biggest challenges (and one I’ve heard from other people) is trying to feel like you’re a “real” adult, when all you want is to be back in college, eating mac n’ cheese and watching Netflix all day. But, in this update to my College Girls Guide To… Series, I’m sharing a few tips that have made my life a little bit more manageable. 

Obviously I’m no expert (based on the number of times per week I text my parents asking silly questions), but these are a few things that I’ve learned/use on a regular basis to feel a little bit more like I’m playing my part. Whether you are still in college or just graduated, you can use at least one of these in your life. 

College Girls Guide To: being a real adultHave a go-to dinner.

I did not know how to cook until a few months ago. I lived on campus all through college so I never had my own kitchen, and when I was home, my parents made all my favorites so I had no reason to cook. I went from knowing nothing to making Pinterest meals almost every night. But not every night is a fancy night- so I have a few go-to meals that require just a few ingredients that I always have on hand. One is my penne alla vodka, the other is basil lemon chicken if I have a little more time. Cooking a full meal after a long day of work isn’t easy! 

Set a budget.

This is so, so, so important, no matter what your salary is. We don’t have a definitive budget, but we have a general idea of how much we should be spending on certain things, what we are saving, who pays for what, etc.

Learn how to say no. 

This goes with having a budget- even if we have plenty of extra money on the side, we try to save as much as we can for the future. We have definitely turned down plans before because we know we’ll end up blowing a lot of money on something that really isn’t worth it. 

Entertain at home.

Sticking with the budget theme….instead of spending $50 on a few drinks or one meal, have a few friends over for a night in (make it BYOB and provide the mixers/extras). You’ll save money and have a lot more fun in the end! 

Leave work at work.

Obviously if there is something that needs to be taken care of, ignore this! But, I try to not look at my work email once I leave the office. It makes me feel like I can focus on everything else I have to get done without being distracted. 

Side note: How is it Halloween already?? I hope everyone had a fun (and safe!) Halloweekend, we hosted our first (of many) annual Halloween party on Friday- you can see our costumes on Instagram

Do you have any tips that helped you transition into post-grad life? 

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