Best Winter Beauty Products

Now that it is really, truly fall (is it just me or is this year flying by?!!) I’m switching up not only my closet but also my beauty routine. Fall and winter mean drier, colder, crummier weather, and all of this can take a toll on your hair and skin. I’ve shared some of my favorite drugstore makeup before, but winter weather requires just a little extra TLC. So, today I’m sharing my favorite beauty buys to get you through the colder season.


winter beauty

Pretty much everything on this list of must-haves has to do with drying out. Lips, skin, hair, face, etc., it all can dry out when the temperature drops!  


For me, moisturizing is the key to surviving winter. I wear Olay moisturizer every single day (my entire family does!), but I add a little extra in the winter. I also make sure to always buy the kind with SPF 15, you need it even in the winter!

It’s also important to keep your hair from drying out- I try to use leave-in conditioner pretty sparingly as it can weigh my hair down, but winter and the dead of summer are my favorite times to use one and give my hair a little repair. 


Exfoliating is also one of my favorite things to do in the fall and winter. Now that I have been using my Clarisonic every day (eve in the shower, it’s waterproof!) I use my Neutrogena scrub about once a week or so just to keep everything scrubbed and clean. 

I also try to exfoliate the rest of my body. Ladies, I know it’s gross but let’s be honest, all those long days in heels and winter boots can really take a toll on your feet. I use a homemade scrub of sugar and soap and it works wonders!


Let’s not forget your makeup in the midst of all this. Winter is my favorite time of year to break out the lip gloss, as it gives me a little extra moisture with the same amount of color. I’m also a big fan of Milani lipsticks as they don’t dry out your lips.

How do you change your routine up for fall and winter? You can shop my favorite winter beauty products below! 


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