Gift Guide: Pet and Pet Lovers

I am so excited about today’s gift guide because it is so close to my heart- today’s guide is for your furry friends! For your pets and fellow pet lovers, I’ve rounded up a gift guide for pets and pet lovers with a few fun suggestions for both. We haven’t picked out our gifts for Josey or Bailey yet, but I’m definitely eyeing a few things on this list! 


Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Lovers
We actually have the little dog tail hook! My mom gave it to us when we moved in. Ours is a little different, it’s mounted on a wooden plank that says ‘Walk’ and is perfect for keeping our leashes out of the way but easy to access when the dogs are ready to go! 

Things like toys, fun collar/leash sets, or travel accessories (basically anything to make life a little easier!) are all perfect gift options. The fold-up dog bowls would be perfect for long walks or lake weekends when we need to bring along just a little bit of food. I am in love with that customized tote bag, even if both our dogs are way too big to fit in a purse! 

I think pets- and pet lovers- are the easiest to buy for. They’re just happy to have a new toy, they don’t care how much you spent or the brand or even what color it is. They aren’t picky, they just want your love…and maybe a few extra treats! 

Do you buy Christmas presents for your pets every year? Let me know in the comments what you’re buying this year! If you want to buy anything seen in the gift guide for pets, click on the image above or click the links below!

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