Gift Guide: BFF

Happy Friday!! This has been such a long work week, I’m ready to snuggle up on the couch, bake cookies, and watch Christmas movies this weekend. But first, here’s another installment in my gift guide series; today, I’m sharing a BFF gift guide! For all your best gals this holiday season, I’ve rounded up a few suggestions- and the best part? They’re all under $60!


Gift Guide: BFF
Luckily for me, all my girl friends are easy to shop for. I try to stick to jewelry, fun home decor items, and any little accessories that they can really use! I’m lusting after this little Kate Spade business card holder now that I’m a workin’ woman. I’m also totally in love with the emoji pins- perfect for you and your besties! 
Another great gift idea is a subscription box like Ipsy or Birchbox; you can either buy a short (3, 6, or 12 month) subscription for your  friend, and for Birchbox you can actually purchase a gift card or a special gift subscription (there’s also a boys version!). It’s a great way to give a ton of different gifts without all the work!
I hope y’all are enjoying my gift guides this week! I’ve linked up everything in my bff gift guide below. 

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