Winter Florals

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I know, it’s early, but after wrapping presents and baking cookies the last few days I’m really in the holiday spirit. But, in the midst of all this red and green, plaid, and sparkles, I’m sharing a winter floral dress that I’m in love with!

I ordered this dress from H&M last week, after seeing it on a blog (I cannot remember right now but I will update when I do!). I loved it in the pictures, but online it looked like a maternity dress. But, I took a chance and ordered it. 

And I love it! I ordered a 6 since H&M sizes can be super weird (especially if you have curves!), and it fits in all the right places and actually is pretty snug in all the right places. I think the sleeves are supposed to go all the way down, but my arms are so long that this dress fits like a 3/4 sleeve. 

This face is probably what I deserve for making Z take blog photos for me. 

If you are looking for a different version, H&M has a few, including this ruffled oneThe best part about this dress- it’s on sale!! 

This is one of those cases where I was (pleasantly) surprised by something I bought online. Usually I prefer to go to the store, try things on, and see how they actually look, but since I don’t have a ton of time to go shopping lately, this worked out perfectly. I love the dark winter floral pattern, the flowy sleeves and skirt, and how comfortable it is. I can’t wait to wear this for entertaining or a casual event!

Everything I’m wearing is linked below.

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