Valentine’s Day Alternatives

Once all the confetti was cleared from New Year’s Eve, it seemed like Valentine’s Day. was. suddenly. everywhere. Not that I don’t love cute pink-and-red outfits, but this year it seems like V-Day has been on overload. If you aren’t obsessed with Valentine’s Day, it can be super annoying to navigate the aisles of temporarily overpriced candy and flowers, the Pinterest-worthy parties that are held 2 weeks in advance #fortheblog, and every Galentine’s brunch that has popped up on Instagram. So, ahead of the holiday, I put together a few Valentine’s Day Alternatives for those of us who are going to treat it like any other Tuesday.

  • Have a low-key date. If you really want to celebrate but don’t want to spend a fortune or fight the crowds at every restaurant in town, have a casual date night at home. Make dinner together, pop a bottle of bubbly, put on your favorite movie, and enjoy your cheap date! 
  • Go ahead, throw a party. Whether it’s a Galentine’s Day party with all your single girlfriends, or a couple’s date night, gather a few friends and celebrate together. I love the idea of doing a fun backdrop or photo booth to add a little pizazz to your party! You don’t have to go all-out, just grab a few friends and split the duties- assign everyone an item to bring like appetizers, drinks, or desserts, and you’re good to go! 
  • Literally do nothing. Z and I are probably going to do absolutely nothing for Valentine’s Day, and I love that. I specifically asked him to buy me candy the day after when it’s all on mega-sale, because let’s be real, that is the best way to celebrate! I might make something special for dinner or open a bottle of wine, but beyond that, it’s a regular weeknight for us! 

However you choose to celebrate, have a great day! 

Valentine's Day Alternatives

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