Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I’m switching up the format of Friday Favorites this week to share a few different things. We’ll see how it goes with this new format! For now, here’s my favorite things this week: 

Reading: If you’re attending a wedding this year, please read this. 

Watching: Z got me into Billions and y’all it’s SO GOOD. The second season just started but we’re still playing catch-up on season 1! Even if you don’t like financial stuff (I didn’t before Z and I started dating!) it’s still an incredible show- great cast, great script, and totally binge-able. 

Wearing: I got this top in the mail on Tuesday and I’m in love. 

Eating: I made this pumpkin hummus last night (along with pumpkin muffins) because in my mind pumpkin is always appropriate. It definitely needs more seasoning than what the recipe calls for but I think that changes from person to person! 

Loving: My alma mater put out this video and it is something we could all be reminded of right now! 

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