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The Best Shoes to Wear in Europe

I’m currently in the process of packing for Portugal, and the hardest part for me is definitely what shoes to pack. I have this problem every time I travel- I try to only pack a few pairs and then suddenly I’m trying to cram 5 pairs in my suitcase for a weekend trip! Does anyone else have this problem? 

The tricky thing about traveling to Lisbon is that it is an old city. All of the streets are uneven, hilly, and cobblestoned, which really narrows your shoe options! While not all of Europe is like this, you have to take into account the fact that you will literally walk everywhere. So, no matter how cute those shoes may be, are you going to be able to trek for 12+ hours in them??

Since shoe packing is so hard, I put together a few of the best shoes to wear in Europe to save your feet and your sanity!

Best shoes to wear in Europe
  • Flats. Some people don’t find flats very comfortable. I get it, but this is because they usually don’t have enough support. Try to find a pair that have a very thick sole, maybe even a little bit of a heel/wedge just so that your heels aren’t pounding the pavement with every step. I love flats that have a little elastic, so that they don’t slip off your feet but don’t squeeze too hard!
  • Espadrilles. I am probably going to end up wearing these every day! I love canvas espadrilles to keep my feet cool and comfy. I have a J. Crew pair from a few years ago (similar here) that I wore the last time I was in Portugal and they were perfect for hours of walking. 
  • Slip-ons. When I lived in Amsterdam, everyone was wearing those black leather slip-ons and I had to grab a pair. They are so comfortable and stylish!
  • Sandals. Ok, this is the tricky part, because not all sandals are created equal. Cute ≠ comfy! Just like I mentioned in my post about what to wear to graduation, make sure that you have broken in everything you are bringing. To prevent any blisters just in case, I always have Band-Aid Blister Block in my bag. I swear by it! 
  • Sneakers/tennis shoes. Everyone in Amsterdam was always wearing very stylish sneakers- think Adidas, the New Balance collab with J. Crew, things like that- and they always looked perfect with every outfit. I love traveling with my white Converse as they go with everything (even casual sundresses if you’re desperate for comfort) and are so comfortable. 
  • Ankle boots. Obviously these don’t really work for summer, but I wore this pair in London and they had just enough lift to be comfy all day. 

For me, I try to pair my shoes with the outfits I’ve already packed. If I think I may only wear a pair one time, they don’t go in the suitcase. I also try to always wear my bulkiest shoes on the plane to save space.

If you want more shoe inspiration, I love this post from History in High Heels, one of my favorite blogs! 

We officially leave in a week and I can. not. wait. Thanks for reading, I’ve linked up more of my favorite shoes to wear in Europe below!

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