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What to Pack for Portugal

We’re all ready to leave for Portugal! I wanted to share a little peak at what I’m taking with me, tips, and what to pack for Portugal if you plan on going!

Since I have visited Portugal once (for only about 2 days), I at least have an idea of the weather and the terrain of the city. It is going to be warm-ish while we’re there, but not too hot for walking around all day. I’m going to keep things light, airy, comfortable, and in the same color scheme. 


What to pack for Portugal

You’ll notice a theme of blue and white in this post! I know it’s cliche, but it is one of my favorite combos and I can easily mix and match pieces throughout the trip. I tried to make sure that every single piece coming with me will pair with more than one thing so that I have more options. 

What to pack for Portugal
I’m bringing lots of light, airy tops, shorts, and comfy shoes. Yes, I want to look cute, but I do not want to be sweating through my clothes or struggling with blisters and sore feet. 
What to pack for Portugal
We don’t plan on going anywhere too fancy at night, and since it will cool down significantly, I’m sticking with white jeans and tops that I can layer with my denim jacket. I’m not planning on wearing wedges or anything like that, since they just take up room and I don’t want to trip over anything, so all my ‘nighttime’ outfits need to work with casual shoes!
What to pack for Portugal
I can’t wait to share all of my photos from the trip! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing a few tips on Wednesday to help you cram everything you love into a carry on bag! 

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