Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by, but thankfully we don’t really have any plans this weekend, so I’m looking forward to relaxing for a couple days.

Before everyone breaks out the rosé and gets their weekend going, I rounded up a few things I’m loving this week:

Reading: Zac and I recently started using Venmo to split bills- while it’s super convenient, I thought this NYT article was hilarious. Trust me, we’re not that specific!

Watching: We went to go see Dunkirk two weeks ago and oh my gosh. It was amazing/intense/terrifying. If you see it (as you should) and need a good laugh afterwards, I loved this primer on how to tell everyone apart. 

Listening: I have been listening to pretty much nothing but podcasts lately (shocker). If you have any suggestions for new ones, send them my way! I’m working on a post about all my favorites to come soon!

Blogging: Did you catch my collab with Dixieland Monogram this week? They have the cutest bridal party stuff right now that I’ve been eyeing (no, I’m not getting married, just a bridesmaid!). 

Loving: I was crying reading this article, both from laughter and sadness. 

Eating: We’re trying to do a no-spend challenge for the month of August- we already don’t eat out very often, but we’re trying to see what we can save if we only spend money on essentials, like bills, groceries, etc. It’s helped me to try out new things from my endless Pinterest board, like these sweet potato fries

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday Favorites

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