My Favorite Fall/Winter Pinterest Recipes

Now that we are in full-on Christmas mode (and the weather sort of feels like it), I’ve been super excited to break out all my winter recipes. That means pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and anything that can be made in my Crock Pot. 

  • Slow cooker Guinness beef stew. Is there anything more ‘fall’ than a good, hearty stew? I made this a few weeks ago while we had guests in town and it was a perfect Sunday meal.

fall/winter pinterest recipes

  • Crockpot chicken verde pozole. There’s a restaurant by my office that makes a great pozole verde (basically Mexican-style chicken noodle soup, with hominy instead of noodles), and I had to recreate it. Even Z, who isn’t a huge soup person, loved this!
  • Bolognese. While I cook Italian food every week (usually more than once a week), there’s something about a sauce simmering all day when it’s cold out that gets me excited for the holidays. I modified this recipe a little (which I will eventually turn into a real recipe post!), and even brought some for one of my co-workers! 
  • Chicken noodle soup. This was so easy, quick, and delicious (and we had plenty of leftovers for lunch).

fall/winter pinterest recipes 

  • Crockpot chicken tortilla soup. This was SO good! I made it last week and it made the house smell amazing. I added some roasted Hatch chiles that I had in the freezer as well as a jalapeño. Maybe a little too spicy, but it still tasted great on a cold day. 
  • Crockpot black bean soup. Z will not eat beans, so I made this over the weekend after he left town. It was perfect- I could eat black beans all day every day and this soup was amazing and so simple! 

These are just some of my favorites so far. From now until spring I’ll be whipping up all the hearty, warm, winter foods I can get my hands on. 

Would you guys be interested if I started doing recipes? Tell me some of your favorite fall/winter meals!


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