What to Wear to a Christmas Sweater Party

Hello! Is anyone else so happy that it’s the weekend. We threw a little Christmas party last night (check out my Instagram!), and it’s inspired my post for today- what to wear to a Christmas sweater party! I know it’s supposed to be ‘ugly’ sweaters, but let’s be honest, they’re all pretty cute. Last night… Continue reading What to Wear to a Christmas Sweater Party


Casual Holiday Outfits

It’s a new week, and I have a new holiday post! I hope y’all loved my gift guide series last week. For this week, I’m sharing a few outfit ideas for all the upcoming holiday festivities! I have our Christmas party, 2 Christmases, 2 office holiday parties, New Year’s Eve, and probably a few more… Continue reading Casual Holiday Outfits


Fall Activity Outfit Ideas

In case you totally missed the memo, it is officially fall! It actually feels *slightly* cooler here, and I’m itching to reach for vests instead of shorts.  While I desperately wait for fall weather, it’s still that time of year for basic fall activities. Am I going to do a lot of these activities with a… Continue reading Fall Activity Outfit Ideas


Fall Must-Haves

While it won’t feel like fall here for a while, I’m already adding more vests and sweaters to my wardrobe. As soon as it drops below 80 I’ll be breaking out my fall clothes, even though I’ll be sweating until Thanksgiving! I definitely have mixed feelings about fall, but those usually subside when I realize… Continue reading Fall Must-Haves


What to Wear on Casual Friday

Friday is the hardest day to get dressed for me. Why? Because my office subscribes to the ‘casual Friday’ policy. This sounds awesome, but for me, dressing casually is 10000x harder than dressing up! Wearing ‘work’ clothes to me is so easy- a dress, some heels, done. Maybe a skirt and blouse if I have… Continue reading What to Wear on Casual Friday


Guide To: What to Wear to Work

So the big news over here….I’m employed! It’s been two weeks now, and while I’m still getting adjusted to everything I love it.  I also love finally being able to get up and get dressed, since I feel like 90% of the time I was in shorts and a t-shirt. But now, I can finally wear… Continue reading Guide To: What to Wear to Work


What to Wear: Weekend in Austin

Helllooooooo…..I haven’t blogged in two months, but I’m back! It’s been a busy time for me, but I finally have time to sit down at my computer and take a little time to work on the blog. I’m jumping right back into it with a new style post. We spent the past weekend in Austin… Continue reading What to Wear: Weekend in Austin

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Magnolia Market Silos

Whether or not you are totally obsessed with HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you have probably heard of Magnolia Market. Chip and Jo took their small shop and turned an old silo into a massive store, garden, and entertainment space. You’ve seen the Silos on the show and probably all over Instagram. Since Waco isn’t too far… Continue reading Magnolia Market Silos