Here are links to all of my published writing samples.

Public Relations: BDI Furniture Blog Postings

BDI Furniture Blog: Vinyl Spins Again- Celebrating Vinyl Record Day

BDI Furniture Blog: Creating Personal Style in the Workplace

BDI Furniture Blog: International Coffee Day

BDI Furniture Blog: The Gray Area- Decorate With a Surprising Color

BDI Furniture Blog: Giving Thanks This Year

BDI Furniture Blog: Spruce Up Your Holiday Decor

BDI Furniture Blog: Helpful Tips for Holiday Entertaining in Small Spaces

BDI Furniture Blog: 2016- Looking Back at Trends We Loved in Home Decor

Journalism: NBC News

Police Chief Buys Car for Homeless Family– NBC News

Tempers and Fists Fly at Indiana Town Meeting– NBC News

Hungry Gator Crashes Florida Picnic– NBC News

Jilted Bride Destroys Her Wedding Dress– NBC News

High Speed Train Derails in France– NBC News

Boston Bans Toy Guns in Public– NBC News

Pricey Parking: $650K For Just One Space in Beacon Hill– NBC News

Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Has Emergency Appendix Surgery– NBC News

Alabama Man Returns Library Book 63 Years Late– NBC News

Thor, Pit Bull Lost in Texas, Found in California– NBC News

2015 Among the Most Damaging for Wildfires– NBC News

More Americans Favor Stricter Gun Laws– NBC News

Student Creates PTSD App to Help Veterans– NBC News

Mother Shares Textbook Describing African Slaves as Workers– NBC News

Want Putin’s Golden Face on Your iPHone?– NBC News

Black Bear Attacks Florida Man, Kills His Dog– NBC News

California Surfer Shoots GoPro Encounter with Whale– NBC News

South Carolina Cop Killed In Mall Shooting– NBC News

Monkey on Loose in Florida Steals Mail, Hearts– NBC News

Holy Merchandizing: Papa Souvenirs in High Demand– NBC News

Journalism: CBS News

EMT Ebola Training– CBS News

Journalism: The College Tourist

So You’re Going to South Korea– The College Tourist

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 1

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 2

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 3

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 4

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 5

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 6

College Tourist Writer’s Roundup 7

Print Textbooks Article- picked up by Education News

Print Textbooks Article- picked up by Stem Readings

Your Coachella Checklist– The College Tourist

Journalism Package

Journalism Non-Narrated Package

My College Tourist Profile– The College Tourist

Teen Activist Malala Wows at the Social Good Summit– The College Tourist

Dialogue With Mishaina Joseph: The Mobile Classroom– The College Tourist

10 Signs You’re a Journalism Major– The College Tourist

How to Make the Most of Your Time in College– The College Tourist

How to Get an Internship (And Love It)– The College Tourist

15 Signs You’re a Texan Out of State– The College Tourist

Journalism: The Daily Beast

Print Textbooks Still Dominate The Campus Textbook Market– The Daily Beast

Can College Students Stay Safe Off Campus?– The Daily Beast: Women in the World

A Website By And For Sugar Babies– The Daily Beast: Women in the World

New Study Shows Gender Gap Is Closing– The Daily Beast: Women in the World


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