How to Survive Long Flights

With two Europe trips on my calendar for this year, I’m breaking out all my tried-and-true tips for surviving long flights, layovers, multiple security checks, and all the other drama that comes with flying. Since international is a whole other animal, I’m sharing my favorite tips for how to survive long flights! If you’ve ever read even… Continue reading How to Survive Long Flights

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What I’m Taking to London

As of today, I have 2 more weeks until I’m off to London! Since I’m a planner, I’ve already been working on my packing list and what we’ll be doing/seeing every day. I’ve been once, for a quick weekend trip while I was studying abroad, but I would love any tips/recommendations/etc! Before I pack up, I… Continue reading What I’m Taking to London

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Best Ways to Travel Europe

It’s back to school season, which means a lot of people are jetting off to spend their semester abroad. Unless this is your first time visiting the blog, you know I loved my study abroad experience, and I constantly preach about its benefits. However, before heading out I was totally lost. I spent countless hours reading… Continue reading Best Ways to Travel Europe


What to Wear: Weekend in Austin

Helllooooooo…..I haven’t blogged in two months, but I’m back! It’s been a busy time for me, but I finally have time to sit down at my computer and take a little time to work on the blog. I’m jumping right back into it with a new style post. We spent the past weekend in Austin… Continue reading What to Wear: Weekend in Austin

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City Guide: Berlin

If you have been following the blog for a while, you probably remember my weekend recaps while I was abroad. Usually it was pictures and stories about what I had done, like a diary entry. It was great for everyone keeping up with my travels, but looking back, I want to dive a little deeper into some… Continue reading City Guide: Berlin


Road Trip Essentials

If there’s one thing I would consider myself a pro at, it’s weekend trips. Between my semester abroad, weekend adventures while I was in New York, and our frequent trips to the lake, I love being able to get away for the weekend. And, after several cross-country drives from Texas to New York and back, I’ve become… Continue reading Road Trip Essentials